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04/18/2014 Merchant Accounts Merchant Services
biffboddlelittlekiddleapr2014.JPG (68683 bytes)
Biff Boddle Little Liddle Kiddle Doll 1965 All Original 
Millie Middle Kiddle 1960s doll 38.00
Liddle Kiddles Red Riding Hiddle Storybook Vintage Doll 32.00
Storybook Muffet bib collar missing in picture..I have that to include!! 38.00
bunsonbernieapril14.JPG (616573 bytes)
Bunson Bernie Little Liddle Kiddle Fireman Doll 1965 
Windy Fliddle Liddle Kiddles Vintage 1965 Doll NM 25.00











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